You know how people say “it’s love at first bite” or “try it once and you’ll be coming back for more”? Not to be cliche, but… Mangia’s pizza? Well, it’s love at first slice. Try our thin crust Neapolitan pizza perfect for a mid day or early evening meal that won’t leave you feeling overly full and in a food coma. Three slices per person usually does the trick. 

Need some brownie points? 

Your employees will thank us later. Our guiltless pizza constructed of the finest whole wheat dough and fresh ingredients will be a crowd favorite and leave you the favorite boss of the YEAR title. You’re welcome. 


Serves 15

  • Garlic Knot Tray
    Served with marinara. 30 pc.
  • Appetizer Platter
    Garlic knots, mozzarella sticks, toasted ravioli and zucchini sticks. Served with marinara. 32 pc. Assorted
  • Boneless Tenders
    Your choice of bbq or buffalo. Served with ranch and blue cheese. 18 pc.


Serves 7 to 9

  • Mangia Pesto w/ Penne Pasta
  • Pasta Marinara w/ Penne Pasta
  • Pasta Bolognese w/ Penne Pasta
  • Chicken Broccoli Alfredo w/ Penne Pasta


Serves 2 to 4 people

  • Medium 12"
    Each Additional Topping $1.75
  • Large 16"
    Each Additional Topping $2.25
  • Gluten-Free Pizza 10"
    Each Additional Topping $1.75


Serves 7 to 9

  • Garden Salad
    Romaine, tomatoes, cucumbers, bell green peppers, red onion and croutons.
  • Caesar Salad
    Romaine lettuce, croutons, shredded parmesan, tomatoes
  • Greek Salad
    Our house salad with feta, kalamata olives and banana peppers.
  • Antipasto
    Italian cold cuts, provolone cheese, fire-roasted red peppers, kalamata olives and banana peppers on our house salad.
  • Boston Cranberry & Walnut "House Favorite!"
    Our house salad with walnuts, cranberries, and gorgonzola cheese.
  • Salad Dressings

    Balsamic Vinaigrette   •   Creamy Greek   •   Caesar   •   Italian   •   Bleu Cheese  •   Ranch   •   Lite Raspberry Vinaigrette

  • *Add Grilled Chicken to Any Salad

  • Pick Your Sauce

    Mangia’s Fresh Tradtional Smooth Sauce   •   Alfredo Sauce   •   Mangia’s Fresh Rustic Sauce (Crushed Tomatoes)

    All of our sauces are made with 100% vine-ripened California Roma Tomatoes.  They do not contain high fructose corn syrup, oils, additives or preservatives and are shipped to us in BPA-free containers.


  • Veggies

    Fresh Mushrooms   •   Fresh Broccoli   •   Artichoke Hearts   •   Fresh Basil   •   Fresh Garlic   •   Pineapple   •   Black Olives   •   Fresh Baby Spinach   •   Diced Tomatoes   •   Pesto Splash   •   White Onions   •   Red Onions   •   Banana Peppers   •   Green Peppers   •   Roasted Red Peppers   •   Arugula   •   Caramelized Onions

  • Cheese

    Asiago   •   Ricotta   •   Feta    •   Shredded Parmesan

  • Meat

    Bacon   •   Pepperoni   •   Italian Sausage   •   Capicola   •   Genoa Salami

  • Premium Toppings

    Medium $1.99   –   Large $2.99

    Pesto Base   •   Alfredo Base   •   Gorgonzola   •   Fresh Mozzarella   •   Extra Cheese   •   Chicken   •   Prosciutto   •   Meatball   •   Chopped Clams   •   Shrimp   •   Anchovies

    We proudly roast our marinated chicken daily!

Mangia Specialty Pizzas

Serves 2 to 4 people

  • The Tuscany
    A sauceless pie with a base of shredded mozzarella, topped with our Italian-seasoned tomatoes, splashed with pesto, fresh basil, a sprinkle of chopped walnuts, asiago cheese & crumbled gorgonzola

    Medium $14.99   –   Large $19.99

  • Classic Margherita
    Rustic sauce, fresh mozzarella, fresh basil, chopped garlic & asiago cheese, finished with a sprinkle of parmigiano-reggiano

    Medium $14.99   –   Large $19.99

  • The Yawkey Way
    The classic taste of Fenway Park! Traditional sauce, sausage, white onions & green peppers.

    Medium $15.99   –   Large $19.99

  • Alek’s BBQ Chicken
    BBQ sauce-marinated chicken, bacon, red onions & shredded mozzarella

    Medium $15.99   –   Large $20.99

  • Quattro Carne
    Our meat special with red sauce, with pepperoni, sausage, capicola, bacon & shredded mozzarella

    Medium $16.99   –   Large $21.99

  • San Marco
    Traditional sauce, Italian sausage & ricotta cheese over shredded mozzarella

    Medium $14.99   –   Large $19.99

  • The Florentine
    A sauceless pie with spinach, tomatoes, chicken & shredded mozzarella, finished with a sprinkle of gorgonzola

    Medium $14.99   –   Large $19.99

  • The Avellino
    Rustic sauce, fresh mushrooms, pepperoni, sausage & fresh mozzarella

    Medium $14.99   –   Large $19.99

  • The Hanover Street
    Traditional sauce, sliced pepperoni, Italian sausage & banana peppers over shredded mozzarella

    Medium $15.99   –   Large $20.99

  • The Buffalo Joe
    Buffalo wing sauce, shredded mozzarella, buffalo marinated chicken & sliced red onions, sprinkled with asiago cheese

    Medium $14.99   –   Large $19.99

  • The Parma
    Rustic sauce, fresh mozzarella, diced tomatoes & fresh basil, layered with beautiful slices of prosciutto

    Medium $15.99   –   Large $20.99

  • Inna’s Fave
    A saucesless pie with thinly sliced prosciutto, sliced figs & gorgonzola cheese, finished with arugula & a drizzle of balsamic reduction

    Medium $16.99   –   Large $21.99

  • Ma’s Garden
    Traditional sauce, green peppers, fresh mushrooms, white onions, broccoli, tomatoes, garlic & shredded mozzarella

    Medium $16.99   –   Large $21.99

  • Shrimp Scampi
    A Must-Try Pizza!  Alfredo base, fresh chopped garlic, tomatoes, shredded mozzarella, shrimp & fresh basil!

    Medium $16.99   –   Large $21.99

  • The Amazing Mac & Cheese Pizza!
    Shredded mozzarella, bacon & fresh penne atop a creamy Alfredo base

    Medium $14.99   –   Large $19.99

  • The Maui
    Traditional sauce, pineapple, Canadian bacon & sliced banana peppers

    Medium $14.99   –   Large $19.99

Catering Policy & Guidelines
All catering orders require payment upon ordering but will not be charged until the day of event.  Deposits may be refunded with at least 72 hours notice.  Payment options: Credit Card or Cash balance.  A minimum of 48 hours recommended for catering orders. Menu prices subject to change without notice.

*PLEASE NOTE: Before placing your order, please inform your server if a person in your party has a food allergy.