Food Facts

FOOD FACTslider03 #1

Our sauce is all-natural. We have ZERO additives or preservatives. It is hand mixed onsite daily using the finest herbs and spices. We only use California Fresh Pack BPA-Free tomatoes.

Mangia uses only premium, all natural ingredients, many organic and locally grown. Our sauce is made from only the freshest, hand-picked tomatoes, fresh basil and kosher salt – that’s it. We never use artificial ingredients, high-fructose corn syrup or other sweeteners.


Our all natural, unbleached, un-bromated whole-wheat dough, and our Artisan breads are GMO-free.

Because of our attention to the flour, Mangia’s crust is crispy on the outside and chewy on the inside. Most popular chains use less expensive flour that is bleached and bromated, which is a banned practice throughout most of the world, including Canada and Europe. US-based pizza chains that ignore the detrimental effects that these unnatural processes
may have are doing it solely for the purpose of profit, and are looking to preserve their pizza dough for months. Not exactly healthy, of safe.


Our premium blended pizza cheese is made from 100% real dairy and is all-natural, with no binders or anti-caking agents.

Mangia uses only 100% natural mozzarella cheese with no binders or anti-caking agents. Most national pizza chains use a cheese blend that is shipped frozen, which instead of 100% milk and butterfat actually contains water to stabilize it during transportation. Who wants fake cheese on their pizza?

Mangia only uses farm fresh vegetables and the highest quality meat to top our pizza creations.